Jedi - Multifunctional Joomla Template
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Jedi includes the greatest functionality of all TemplateMonster Joomla Themes! Now, you can create a powerful website with multitude predesigned pages! Want to run a store, business site, portfolio or a blog - just purchase Jedi and check out how easy it is. It includes an infinite of design, marketing and administration tools. We dare you)If you are looking for a solution to create a responsive appealing website you get to the point. No other theme on the market offers this much functionality in one pack. You don't need any CMS knowledge or programming skills to work with Jedi. Just use the extensive documentation after buying the template. Recharge your business with Jedi!

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This Business Services Bureau Joomla design is Responsive

What is it?

responsive joomla templates design is an approach to website design that allows pages to adjust to a display size of any type of gadget - be it a desktop computer, a laptop or a smartphone.

Why is it Good?

With the growing fascination with smartphones, how many users who log on to the sites from mobile phones has expanded a lot. This type of aspect permits you to adjust websites to mobile devices and different screen extensions, ultimately supplying smartphone consumers with better opportunities.

This is a Parallax Business Services Bureau Joomla design template

What is it?

It's a unique process when the background image moves more slowly in perception compared to the parts of the foreground. For this reason, Parallax leads to a sense of a three-dimensional space.

Why is it Good?

A website with parallax scrolling instantly catches the interest of a user and boosts company's reputation thanks to the captivating looks.

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Jedi - Multifunctional Joomla Template

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Get a fully functional and highly optimized website at an astounding price!

With this service, we will:

– install the template you choose and configure it with your logo, colors, and content (up to five pages and ten posts in the blog)

– perform full on-page optimization to make your site rank higher in Google and other search engines

– provide you with 15 images of your choice from to boost your site visuals

– protect the site from hackers and spam to make it more secure

– add highly useful, and often-requested WordPress features to make editing and managing your website easier

Please note:

* The service is valid for only one website. Advanced coding and layout modifications are not included in the service, but we can make them for an extra fee.

** We will ask you to provide your logo, texts, and high-quality images along with clear instructions for the content placement and color changes.

*** To finish the project in time, all the requested info should be provided before the project starts.

**** Two free revisions are available.

***** The service is provided only for the online stores in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages.

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